Friday, September 16, 2011

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The National Cancer Institute estimates that approximately 11.7 million Americans with a history of cancer were alive in January 2007. Some of these individuals were cancer­free, while others still had evidence of cancer and may have been undergoing treatment. By fundraising for the American Cancer Society, I am helping raise awareness of cancer so that all of our families can enjoy a cancer-free future. Every bit helps, so thank you in advance for any support you can provide.

Dedicate your donation to a friend, family member or someone you know that has beat cancer, or has been a victim of it. Please let me know their initials and I will add them to my race shirt and run in honor of them.


The past couple days my training has been pretty light still. I ran a solid 5 mile yesterday with no increased head aches afterwards which was DA BOMB

Last night I thought that I wasn't going to have time to work out today after work, so I decided that I was going to wake up at 6am and go for a morning bike ride. 6am comes fast when you go to bed after midnight...but I still got up and did my chilly ride. And then luckily I was able to run after work! A quick 5k to keep the legs loose. 

This past week was really hard for me with the whole "you can never play contact sports again" thing. My whole life was sports. Since kindergarten I had played soccer and from 7th grade on every season I was playing soccer, basketball and softball. The fact that I am never allowed to play those- even recreational drives me nuts. It doesn't help when all the girls on my (old) soccer team keep updating their status or posting pics of their games and what not. Le sigh. Here's an old pic to keep the nostalgia going...

But then I remember that over the past 2 years I have fallen in love <-- corny but true, with running. I am addicted to it and it truly frees me and is the most challenging thing I've ever done. Nothing is better than getting lost in your own thoughts on a run. So despite the set back and the whole sports getting taken away from me, I need to remember that I am now just entering a new chapter of my life...with many new exciting endurance events. 

Some half marathons, TOUGH MUDDER, Disney marathon and eventually (please oh please oh please) Boston and some tri's!! I have many exciting things awaiting me and I am so happy to get going on it!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Weekend Excitement:

  • Tennis
  • Fall Fest
  • Sunday is the Syracuse Ironman!! <-- Being a #1 fan! 


Living N Learning said...

Girl I'm going to donate what I can right now! My grandma has breast cancer and it has spread to her bone now. The feeling my family is getting is that it isn't looking good for her. Her initials are ET.

I'm glad you have fallen in love with running so you don't have to learn to love it because you lost something else you loved.

Good luck with your training!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I'm so sorry about the no more contact sports thing :( God makes everything happen for a reason and it is SO good that you feel in love with running when you did!