Thursday, September 15, 2011

First long run post accident!!

If you know me- which you probably do, which is why you're here...then you know that I recently had that  accident with a certain softball jerk and it left me with the skull fracture and a slight brain injury. This being said I was told to basically be a couch potato for a couple months. I've been going to PT (yeah- weird PT for your head...) and they had cleared me to run. This being said I was THRILLED. However, this was also extremely frustrating because my endurance was way down when I started to run again. 5 miles which used to be easy as pie was now a struggle and my pace is slower by 30ish seconds. As with everything else that is going on with my life I learned I had to deal. I slowly have been building my weekly mileage and beginning to have "long runs" on Sunday's again in order to prepare for the marathon (even though I don't "officially" start training til Oct). 

Don't worry I was super nerdy and wore my compression sleeves to bed in order to prep for this run...

Today I did my first long run of 8 miles! I haven't ran that far since before the accident so this was extremely exciting! What was even better was it didn't feel like a struggle and I kept my pace around an 8 minute mile. I even got new shoes last night because my old ones were on about 700 miles... yikes... Stupidly though I was way too excited about the shoes and wore them today... uhh yah I've got two blood blisters on my baby toes that are killer. (I'll spare you the picture....but I did take one, but my dad said it'd be super grimey if I posted it)

Sweet new kicks...

Besides the run being awesome my headache also did not get worst through out the run- which is a huge plus- and it's been about an hour since I stopped running and my headache is at the same "number". 

Ridiculously sweaty mess after that 8

Running quote of the day- 

Conquering any difficulty always gives one a secret joy, for it means pushing back a boundary line and adding to one's liberty. 
-- Henri Frederic Amiel, swiss philosopher

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