Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gym de Titus

It has been a crazy week with traveling back to school, classes, my service project and trying to fit in working out. When I'm at school I take advantage of the Arc Trainer, which is essentially a pimped out ellitpical. It gives you more range of motion, better resistance and seriously it gets your heart rate up more so overall I get a better cardio work out from it. Tuesday I just did arc trainer and nike abs, then Wednesday I ran 2 miles around the field house- worst decision ever. It's the worlds tiniest track and made for thee most boring run ever when you forget your garmin so you have to count laps to know what mile you're on... awful...hence why I stopped at 20 laps and went to my best friend the arc trainer. 

Today however thought I knew I'd be home so I could run. I originally wanted to run outside, because I knew the jcc would be closed for rosh hashanah buuuut of course when I was driving home it started down pouring and I'm a wimp and didn't want to run in the rain...BUT THEN I REMEMBERED OUR SUPER SWEET GYM-LIKE BASEMENT!!

So I did 6 miles in 49 minutes on this bad boy while watching my favorite movie!! <--- MIRACLE!!

The legs feed the wolf, gentlemen! 

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Plan for the week/weekend:

Friday: Rest (mainly because I have to work all day, the gyms closed, and it's an off day from running and I haven't taken a rest day in a while)
Saturday: 10 miles <-- WOOHOO
Sunday: Festival of Races 5k and then the 3k Fun run with my dad's class! 


Heather said...

I wish I had a treadmill. The forcast for today is rain, rain, and more rain and I need to run, run run!

Living N Learning said...

I would love to have a treadmill - or now that I'm on my biking kick a stationary bike - in my basement to use whenever the urge strikes me.

I love that movie too!!