Thursday, September 15, 2011

yadda yadda yadda

I'm sorry if you've come to this blog to hear really awesome things right now- haha because as of right now official marathon training doesn't start til mid October. Right now my game plan is to build my miles and weekly miles to half marathon distance and then keep it at that until marathon training begins. This is for two reasons:

1- I don't want to get hurt  
2- I want to build endurance prior to so I can incorporate speed work in 

becaaaaaaauuuse then I will be speedy...because we all know the ultimate goal right now is to win Boston...

....I mean my goal is to boston qualify....

At my first marathon I missed it by 4 minutes and the whole race I was on track for it. Up until mile 22 when some water station mishap (went down the wrong pipe...lead to abs cramping...led to just trying to breathe and run...slower pace led me to feel the leg pain, picked up the pace but still missed it by 5 minutes, 3 hours close yet so far). 

So despite missing it I really would like qualify within the next year. If I don't in January, not a HUGE deal because I've had a lot of unfortunate circumstances and I'm just grateful to be able to run right now and I really don't want to push my limits considering I have brain issues now haha. 

Some day...

Back to the "training", I originally wanted to do some sort of run, maybe a 5k or 4 miles but the blood blister that is still on my pinky toe didn't agree. I did 1.6miles on thedreadmill, and then said fudge it and did the arc trainer for 40 minutes, followed by a Nike Training Club "Butt Burner" work out.

Side note! This past Sunday, a good friend of mine Jim Wilkes, completed the Rev3 Triathlon. Jim is an army wounded warrior who completed each major distance in regards to running and triathlon. He started his journey on Memorial Day 2011 and ended on September 11th, 2011. He has an amazing story and is an inspiration to all so go to his website to read more about him. 

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