Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another xt day!

My morning started like this : 

I got my (hopefully) LAST CT SCAN!! YAYYYY!  I had to take a picture of this because when i filled it out i was in serious shock over the words "CT brain" like it still shocks me how serious this ish was/is! Multiple ppl at the imaging place were asking all about the accident one woman told me i should have drank more milk as a child... THANKS LADY haha

And I immediately got it on CD so I can bring it to my surgeon! yahhh boiii!

Sorry blurred things out...#stayawaycreeps
Some nicknames that have come from this whole brain injury business...
CT (because it is also my initials...ppl are so witty)
TBI (traumatic brain injury) bahah also whenever I do something dumb my friends/family just say "TBI...." 

^^Funny side story- yesterday I got lost on my way to get my ct scan, walked into the first hospital to get it and they said it wasnt there today and gave me directions to a dif building (um my tbi kicked in... ) and I couldnt remember any of the directions. So i just guessed...went to another wrong building...they gave me even more confusing directions...got lost again... called and rescheduled for today... bahah
Then I went to GOLDS GYM!!! Yayy new gym! It was great- its massive and totally commercialized and I felt like a celeb. I'm planning on going to make it to some classes this week on my "cross training" days. OH AND THEY HAVE A POOL SO I HAVE NO EXCUSES NOW!!!!

After lunch I was bored and it was super nice out so I took my dog for a walk at the state park near by! Look at that foliage gotta love upstate ny fall!!

She's so stinkin' cute :) 

Attempt at being artsy....

Now we're pooped!!

I plan on going to bed by at latest 10:30 tonight... I am beyond exhausted and my legs are so sore!! I started my lunges/squats again daily and boy am I feeling it. BUT IM DIGGIN IT!

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Anonymous said...

Your dog is soo cute! I love the TBI comment your friends and family make haha that made me laugh :)

I hope you don't have to get ANY more scans!