Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today marked the first day of training for the Disney Marathon!! 

For my training this time around I'm following something much more structured. Last time I just did a "run x amount of miles per week and have x amount be the long run". I really don't think this was my best game plan because I definitely got burnt out and I remember having multiple injuries come marathon day and just pushed through them. 

Also, with this book Be a Better Runner, the idea of each run is to get better overall. No run is just to "run" they all have a purpose. The training program is split into 3 phases over 12 weeks (I'm starting it a week early just because I'm getting anxious to start). The first phase is focusing on building overall endurance and stamina. The second phase is about building strength through hill work outs and long runs. The third phase focuses on preparing speed work and quality of runs. I'm super excited. Each run's effort is based off a threshold and heart rate. This leads to no more "black hole" runs, meaning runs that just tired you out and actually hurt you in the long run (no pun intended). 

So as for today's day 1 training I was to figure out my threshold and heart rate zones. Meaning at what speed can I run to maintaing a certain heart rate. So overall I ended up running for 40 minutes, this included a warm up/cool down and the progression to find the thresholds! So 4 miles in 40 minutes. Felt like some quality stuff right there ;)

After the run I did Hope Solo's 15 minute body Nike Training Club work out. I love those things. 
Followed it all up with a protein shake (aka 1/2 skim milk, 1/2 water, 1 scoop protein powder). And some marinated wegmans chicken with a veggielite souffle and a banana! Good stuff. 

Um did I mention my most recent obsession with Lauren Fleshman? Oh yeah- I want to be here. She's 30 and a racing champ. This gives me such hopes. What I would kill to be a pro- I'll get there gotta stay focused AHHH. Also- side note, I was on Lauren's blog/website today and noticed she said anyone who send their copy of Runner's World (w her on it) she will sign and send back to you!!! Soooo I went out to buy another copy because mine was all beat up.... Talk about my new idol. 

Side note- Went to visit my best friends at SUNY Cortland last night... This was my "I'm a grandma and it's 1030 therefore I'm ready for bed not going to the bar" face. 

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Dedicate your donation to a friend, family member or someone you know that has beat cancer, or has been a victim of it. Please let me know their initials and I will add them to my race shirt and run in honor of them. 


Tara said...

Congrats on starting marathon training! I like how you're approaching your training. That's basically the way we train, though with less emphasis on distance. I was so excited to read that article on Lauren Fleshman! Maybe there is some slim chance I'll be that good looking and fast at her age...

Anonymous said...

Yahoooo for starting your training!! I am so excited for you..I know it's a little bit away, but I am still jazzed to hear about your progress!! BAD ASS MOFO RIGHT HURRR!!! I am pointing to you btw..