Monday, October 10, 2011

Stead Eddy- Day 3!

Tonight's run at first was some what mentally hard. It was called a "Steady Eddy". It was a 45 minute run at Zone 3 pace, which means I run keeping my heart rate in between 142-156. But I didn't do that, I felt WAY too slow at that heart rate so I kept it between 165-173. I am glad Wednesday's run is another threshold test because I think it will give me a more accurate read at what I can really push myself too.  I had to keep in mind multiple times during this run that it was meant to be nice and easy. It was about building endurance NOT killing myself with speed. I'll get to that more in phase 2 and 3 ;) 

So 5.3 miles in 45 minutes. Then I did my squat/lunge/push up/ab work out. 4x25.

Now I'm watching 

True life the Kardashian's are all time favorite people. 

Oh in other news!!!

HOPEFULLY TOMORROW MORNING WILL BE MY LAST CT SCAN EVER!!!!!! So please please please cross your fingers for good results!!!

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